Simply {sneak peak}

Um excuse me Ronnie and Libby, but your love, it's showing.

More to come on Ronnie and Libby's A-MAZE-ING engagement shoot soon.

Simply {Thankful}

This is one of my first post in attempt to add a little personal touch to my blog. I think it's good for every potential client/friend to know more about me. Plus it gives me a chance to talk more about my favorite subject....ME!!
I kid, I kid.

But it's Thanksgiving. Everyone is stuffed and tucked into the beds and I am sitting here debating whether or not to brave the battle and go out on Black Friday or not. But I am also using my quiet time to reflect on why I am truly thankful.

I am thankful for her.

My oldest, my sassiest, my sweetest, my drama queen, my perfectionist, my drive, my love.

For this guy -the boy, not the bear :)-

My middle child, my snuggler, my quirky one, my demanding one, my adventurer, my mama's boy, my drive, my love.

For my lil one

my surprise, my smiler, my squishy leg-squishy cheek goodness, my wonderer, my drive, my love.

For him

my husband of 10 years, my wild card, my soap box stander, my spoiler, my children's father-a good father, my partner, my button pusher, my drive, my love.

I chose these photos of my family for certain reasons, and coincidentally enough they are all from our vacation this summer to Arkansas. My oldest I chose because she shines when alone. She is independent. She likes her alone time. But she also likes it when she knows her mama is just a few steps behind.

My middle child because he is the biggest goof ball I ever met. The things he says and does randomly astonishes me.

My youngest because point blank how hilarious is this photo of her? I love it. She is a smiler and a cuddle bug but she keeps me on my toes.

My hubby because he is mysterious (hince why you can't see his face). I have no idea from one day to the next what this man has planned because it always changes. But as in the picture he drives us, in one direction or the other he drives us. He takes us down paths and keeps his eyes always open to protect us. Even if I am yelling at him to slow down, pull over, or change the station.

This is at the very top of my Thankful list. What's on yours?

Simply {Deals}

Bringin back the 30for60 deal for the last time this year.

What do you get with this deal?? Glad you asked.
With the 30for60 deal you will receive...

* 1 hour of shoot time (1-5 people)
* online password protected gallery for proofing
* 10 edited images on a disc with a shared copyright release

But this deal is for FRIDAYS ONLY!! From now till the end of the year any Friday is up for grabs for this deal (appointment time from 9:30-2:30).

Great for Christmas pictures/cards. Email me at to set up your appointment!!

Simply {Boudoir}

Some more gorgeousness from the boudoir marathon..

Meet Miss "JC"

Although she will be MRS. "JC" in just a few days. She is gonna make one lucky man very happy. Miss "JC" came in full of energy and ready to go. I need to go out and have a drink with her sometime. Something tells me it would be a night full of laughter.

You see that smile there..that is a full smile. A smile that shows you she is at ease, lovin her session and having a good time. I love that.

This next shot-- Are you freaking kidding me?? Her eyes are A-MAZ-ING


Good luck dear on your special day!!
Your fabulous!!!

Simply {Boudoir}

Here is the first entry from the Boudoir Marathon that was held this past Sunday-and ooohhh it's a good one...

Meet Miss "K".

She is actually a friend of mine, like a friend of mine since I was 3!!!. From the time I first started talking about Boudoir pictures she was on board. She does not live around here but it's weird how the universe just kind of works together and just so happen on the day of the marathon she was gonna be in town.

I've always been jealous of her amazing skin.

Now Miss "K" is a tiny lil thing. I'm talking like 5"0 tiny...but in this picture her legs look like she is about 5"10

I like smiling-smiling's my favorite! <<<<<<

Thank you babe for doing such an awesome job. Good luck on your move and I hope you have a sleeper sofa because I am going to come visit you soon.


Simply {Kids}

Yooooooooouuuuuu whooooooooooo...
Blaney -Poo................................

Can you look over this way a bit???

Maybe just up this way a bit...

Almost there...just a little more... don't move....

Wait I said.........oh well......just go play-have fun!...........

Much better huh.....

Now what's with that face dude?? Show Kelly a little bit of love...

Much better bubba. Thank you for giving me a workout for the day running around and chasing after you.

Simply {Senior} 2010

Meet Matthew - A senior at Buchanan High School

Now when Matthew's mama contacted me about doing her son's senior pictures, I gave her the run of the mill questions to help me figure out a little bit more about Matthew. I asked if he was involved in any sports/after school activities/hobbies/ect. I was blown out of my chair (or maybe I was on the couch) when she responded telling me that he had just passed his firefighter test. He's a firefighter-he's only a senior-GET OUT! How cool is that. So my creative juices started flowin and I told her we MUST do pictures at the fire station. It is such a huge part of his life how could we not. Plus how could I pass up an ample opportunity to hang out at a fire station.

Helllllloooo! And ladies Matthew had advised me that he is currently single. Snatch him up-this boy is going to do BIG things!

Love, love, love this shot! It was drizzling rain on and off all day. It just really made this picture!

He was joking around with this pose-I wasn't. How perfect is this?

We had actually first went to the park. The colors were amazing!

Matthew, your such a great kid with such a kind heart. Continue that on throughout this year-and throughout your life. Keep working hard-don't give up....and don't forget about my helmet!