Simply {Newborn}

Here are a few from my past newborn sessions. Something must of been in the water here about 9 months ago because all of these beautiful babies are making their debut and melting the hearts of all their family and friends. Including their photographer!

Meet Baby Ava -love the name, ahem-.

Just look at those eyes and those rolls! She was such a sweetheart. But when she had enough, mama was right there to calm her down and make everything good again in Baby Ava's world.

But before that she gave it her all and nailed it with the cute bear hat.

Next is Mr. "C"

This lil guy is brand spankin new. Just a week old...but look at him wide awake for me..

His mama told me she calls him her "lil bear" so how appropriate is this hat?

The Kids/Families gallery at the top will be updated shortly with these, and more newborn cuteness shortly.

Simply {2 snap Tuesday}

So in my effort to blog more, and not just awesome photos, but to blog more personal didos, I have created " 2 Snap Tuesdays"

Where did I come up with such a snazzy lil name?

Well remember these two from In Living Color?

Need I say more?

2 Snap Tuesday are just my little way of sharin some love. It could be local vendors, it could be some of my rockin clients, celebrity gossip, books I'm lovin, the list just goes on and on.
But to kick off this Tuesday I'm givin a little love to HBO's Big Love...

Man, how I've missed this series. It's finally back with a new season and I am lovin my Sunday evenings. This is seriously my favorite HBO series EVER. It has on a serious note I think really opened my eyes to Mormon religion, and let's me see things in a different light.
And then on Monday time slot has been filled with...

PAWN STARS! This is a newer history channel series my hubby has turned me on to. Again really has kind of opened my eyes on what I used to think were dirty, crappy pawn shops. So many unique things come in there from people of all walks of life.

Now this is really all the TV I watch. Throw in a lil food network, Bravo TV, and news here and there, but basically that raps it up.

And to wrap up this segment I have to give 2 snaps to Etsy.

I had bought my camera bag off of an awesome seller about a year ago and have loved it, and I have a group shoot coming up with a bunch of local photographers here in a couple of weeks and was out to find the perfect vintage dress for my model. A friend of mine told me to check out Etsy and there I found the perfect dress from another awesome seller who cut me a fantastic deal on it. So go check out Etsy, if you haven't all ready. They have a gabillion unique little things and your guaranteed to find something you just can't live without.

So Etsy, Pawn Stars and Big Love.....I give 2 snaps to you.

I Heart Faces Entry...

The theme is "We are family".

This was so hard to pick just one...

But I love this one because of the genuine smiles...

Simply {Newborn}

Sugar and Spice and TWICE as nice....

Meet "E" and "E". Brand new boy/girl twins that arrived December 15th.

I will have some more newborn photos coming this week.

Simply {FAQ-Boudoir}

I get quite a few questions from ladies touching on many aspects on boudoir sessions-everything from what to expect on that day from what to wear-. Here are answers to many of those questions. Feel free to add any other questions in the comment section and I will without a doubt answer them. I want any lady who is ready to have a boudoir session to walk in there feeling confident and at ease.

Q-"What should I wear"?
Best thing is start browsing though Victoria Secret/Maxim Magazine and pulling some ideas through there. Victoria Secret is wonderful because it has classy-sexy intimate wear and it's very easily accessible being located in University Park Mall. Maxim Magazine is also a great tool because most of those images show other garments (white tank top/tighter fit sports jersey/ect) is such a sexy way. Also, if this is a gift for the man in your life bring along some of his items to work in there. It just makes it that more personal.

Q-Will my images be shown on your website/facebook/ used for advertising?

I want every girl that contacts me for boudoir photos to feel 100% rest assured that you by no means have to sign a model release. That is completely up to you. I have had some ladies sign a model release but say there images can not be used on my facebook fan page , which again is 100% ok. It's always nice to be able to show your gorgeous images, it helps other woman see what can be accomplished during a boudoir session, but I know sometimes you just don't want your booty out there for everyone to see. haha.

Q-Who will be there?

Just you and I, unless you opt to have someone there for hair and makeup. But I HIGHLY encourage you to bring a friend along. It's always nice to have a familiar face there and it just helps put you at ease. Plus nothing makes you laugh harder when your best friend is there telling you "Push out them girls, pop that hip, WORK IT".LOL.

Q-Do you offer hair and make-up services on site?

Yes! Please inquire for more details.

Q- Will you direct me on poses?

Yes, I will definitely give you some direction but I love it when a woman takes my direction and just expands on it. Sometimes it's not always easy to act "sexy" on the spot but the line "fake it till you make it" is so true. If you just push yourself a few times you'll see yourself grow more comfortable and sexier with each shot. Plus laughter is just as sexy as bedroom eyes so don't be afraid to smile.

Q- What other sessions do you offer besides the marathon session.

I do a marathon once every couple of months. Marathons are great because you get an hour session-disc of images-and a little black book while keeping the cost low. But for the woman who is seeking a "full experience" I do offer longer sessions with larger albums as well as make-up and hair included. I also offer Pin-Up Parties. Pin-Up parties are becoming increasingly popular. It's a wonderful alternative to the normal bachelorette party. How fun would it be to get your whole bridal party together, get all dolled up, take some smokin hot pictures all while relaxing with some wine and h'orderves?

Any other questions please feel free to post either in the comment box or contact me directly at