Simply {love my clients}

I just thought I share with you a few kind words some of my clients have expressed to me after seeing their photos. I love it! I love being givin the chance to work with such awesome people. I have such fond memories of each and everyone one of them. I am so happy I could capture that special day for them, whatever that day may be.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

They are so awesome!

-April on her maternity portraits

OMG I absolutely love them, thank you

-Cassie on her senior portraits.

OMG, they are spectacular! What a great job you did!!! Thank you

-Mrs.Gentry on her family portraits.

We are so excited about the pictures. They turned out great and you did such a good job on them. It was a wonderful experience for my son and you made him feel very comfortable.

Mrs. Dey on her son’s senior portraits.

Simply {Family}

Ahhhhhhh The Gentry Family.

Mama Colleen, I have know her since I buddied up with her only daughter way back in 7th grade.

I used to ran sack this woman's kitchen every sleepover night. We were loud, I am sure obnoxious, and basically just typical teenagers. She come by and pick us up from football games, movies, mall, you name it. But you know what, I NEVER remember her getting mad about that. Never did she yell to be quiet, nor did she yell because I ate all her Quaker Chocolate Chip granola bars. She is such a beauty inside and out. Her family is her pride and joy, I saw it all those years ago and I still see it today.

That's her hubby, if you didn't guess that already. Such a trooper he is. You know men are not always the one to come willingly to a photo shoot. But this guy..this guy I never heard one complaint. Sooooo Mr. get some extra Simply {cool points} from me to you.

This is they're lil man "R".

He...he on the other hand let his all boy side show. Wasn't really too interested in me at all. But that's ok...I have a secret weapon...someone who can make him full on smile...someone that can make him laugh..someone he loves so much he let's down his guard and let's his happiness shine through.
BIG SISSY..(AKA my bestest buddy Erin)

That's Erin, one of my still closest friends. She is one of the goofiest people I know. I love her, I really do!
And so does her mama...

And last but not least the adorable duo...........

I think Jaz knows something I don't

But I do know she's lookin out for her owners.

More of the Gentry's Family session will be up on the Kids/Families gallery shortly.

Simply {Senior} 2010

I have had the priviladge to have 2 sessions with Kara. The first she met up with me and her sister Amanda(see a few posts down) at the Studabaker Mansion. We did a few shots with them together

A few shots with her beau Bryce. They were so stinkin cute together!!

And of course Kara! Can
I just tell you how completely JEALOUS I am of her stunning eyes and completely adorable dimple. Ah! It's just too much. LOVE IT!

Then off to the beach! It was windy as heck and just as cold. I really need to invest in those gloves with the missing finger tips. But she did another fabulous job of course, despite the conditions

Kara, you are such a total sweetheart. I had a lot of fun at our sessions. Have an awesome senior year, and call me when you get out of college (she is possibly going for photography) and we'll go out for a day of shooting!!!

Simply {Boudoir}


The marathon session will be taking place on November 15th at the Hyatt Hotel in Mishawaka,IN.
Simply {Gorgeous} Photography and U93 are teaming up for Working Woman Wednesday at Villa Macri this coming Wednesday (10-28-09) and we will be raffling off one session for the marathon FOR FREE!
I have only 2 spots left! contact me to ensure your spot and give your man a Christmas gift that will blow him away!!!!

Here is a sneak peek to the little black book that comes with your session

Simply {Giveaway}!!

Nominate a senior!

Too many times have I heard about parents not being able to give their child senior pictures because of the expense. I know how hard it is when you just want to give your kids everything you can but sometimes the means are just not there. This is a hard time in our country and I feel Michigan is still strongly feeling the effects of this. Many parents are out of a job, jobs are low for seniors wanting part time work, food prices are sky rocketing, and HELLO! Christmas is just around the corner.

Simply Gorgeous Photography is here to hopefully relieve a little bit of the stress and give one lucky senior a free session complete with UNLIMITED edited images. The session will be at an agreed upon location, and from start of session to proofing, to finished disc in your hand will hopefully only take one week so that your senior pictures are guaranteed to be in before the cut off date.

All you have to do is send me an email here at You can nominate whom ever you like. Heck you can even nominate yourself. Just tell me why you think you/that person deserves to win this FREE session.

That's it!
Now get to it!
Winner will be announced November 1st!
Good luck!

Simply {Senior} 2010

Meet Cassie, a Buchanan senior.

Now before I go any further, let me just say that all during the shoot I felt like I have seen her/talked to Cassie before. She was just so cute, petite, and sweet. I could not think of where I have seen her or who she reminded me of. When I got home it dawned on me...

You know the sweetheart from Saved by the bell. Now granted I have never met Kelly (Tiffany Amber-Thessin) but I have watched enough Saved by the bell throughout my years to almost feel like I have met/known her.
Do you agree?
They look quite a bit alike dontcha think?

Ok...back to Cassie's session.

We went to Lemon Creek in Berrien Springs. Lemon Creek is a winery but it also has a beautiful apple orchard.

Not too far into the session I was pumped...and I mean PUMPED to find an old abandoned truck. An old abandoned truck sitting in a gorgeous apple orchard??

A cute senior who is givin some totally glamours attitude at the camera? YES PLEASE!

Good luck Cassie in the years to come. Thanks for an awesome shoot!!!

Simply {sneak peak}

Some more GORGEOUS seniors are coming soon........

Simply {Senior} 2010

I had been talking to Amanda's mom for the past few weeks on when and where we were going to do Amanda's pictures. We decided on an old mansion and most were surprising not too accommodating for pictures but finally Tippacanoe was more than willing and gave us the ok to use their BEAUTIFUL location.

Amanda did a WONDERFUL job.

We decided to go for a walk down the street to a nearby church with some awesome front doors. We were greeted along the way with a warm hello from a few of the locals (inside joke).

Amanda, thanks so much for doing such a great job! Keep your nose to the grindstone this year in school and keep on being FABULOUS!

Simply {Family}

Lindsey is a friend of mine. A good friend to be exact. She has these two bee-u-tee-ful little girls.....

An awesome man who loves her dearly...

put them together and what do you got??.....
A Simply {Gorgeous} Famly
(obvious plug)

Lindsey's little girls have such natural attitudes. And I mean that in a good way. They are full of glamour and sass...some say they TOTALLY get that from their mama. And there is no beating around the bush...they DO!

But they also get their good looks from her.

Lindz my dear, keep doing what your doing, cause it's working! It's really working! I love you.

P.S here is your daily awwwwwwwww moment of the day (if these were not enough already)