Simply {Family}

Ahhhhhhh The Gentry Family.

Mama Colleen, I have know her since I buddied up with her only daughter way back in 7th grade.

I used to ran sack this woman's kitchen every sleepover night. We were loud, I am sure obnoxious, and basically just typical teenagers. She come by and pick us up from football games, movies, mall, you name it. But you know what, I NEVER remember her getting mad about that. Never did she yell to be quiet, nor did she yell because I ate all her Quaker Chocolate Chip granola bars. She is such a beauty inside and out. Her family is her pride and joy, I saw it all those years ago and I still see it today.

That's her hubby, if you didn't guess that already. Such a trooper he is. You know men are not always the one to come willingly to a photo shoot. But this guy..this guy I never heard one complaint. Sooooo Mr. get some extra Simply {cool points} from me to you.

This is they're lil man "R".

He...he on the other hand let his all boy side show. Wasn't really too interested in me at all. But that's ok...I have a secret weapon...someone who can make him full on smile...someone that can make him laugh..someone he loves so much he let's down his guard and let's his happiness shine through.
BIG SISSY..(AKA my bestest buddy Erin)

That's Erin, one of my still closest friends. She is one of the goofiest people I know. I love her, I really do!
And so does her mama...

And last but not least the adorable duo...........

I think Jaz knows something I don't

But I do know she's lookin out for her owners.

More of the Gentry's Family session will be up on the Kids/Families gallery shortly.


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