Simply {Boudoir}

What is Boudoir Photography?

The word Boudoir came from 18th century France meaning a “woman’s bedroom or a private suite”. Typically boudoir pictures are taking in an intimate setting such as a bedroom, hotel room, or put a twist on it and take it outdoors. Really it’s up to you.

Who should get boudoir pictures done and why?

*They are the PERFECT gift for your significant other. Imagine the surprise on your man’s face when he opens up the box and is expecting his typical-run of the mill birthday/christmas/Father’s day gift and instead has a little black book filled with hot,classy,sexy pictures of the love of his life.

-Also think of your wedding day and a little black book is given to him an hour before the ceremony starts. That wedding march may be the longest moment in his life.

-Bachelorette parties!! Get a hotel room with all your,drink and feel sexy.

*Any woman who wants to feel sexy and empowered should get boudoir pictures done. It captures you in a point in your life and years down the road you can look back and smile and say “Look how smokin I was”.

*To mark any special occasion or goal you set for yourself and achieved. Maybe you lost some weight and want to some pictures done so you can see and appreciate your new body. Or you recently had a baby and you worked hard to get your pre-baby body back. Or maybe...just cause....because do you really need a reason??


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