Simply {Gorgeous-Mama}

I am so happy to introduce.....
Brandy and Tim!!!

I love them. Simple as that. Brandy is almost 20 weeks. She is doing my Maternity Step package so I have the honor of documenting her and Tim throughout their pregnancy with a beginning, middle, and end and then when their little bundle of joy arrives they are going to call me up so I can go over there and hug, cuddle, squish, squeeze, .....uhhh...I mean take some cherished photos of their little bundle of new baby smell joy :).

Now a lot of you may be thinking "Why do a maternity shoot when there really is no belly yet?" And I would answer like this.


Because just like every part in a woman's pregnancy it's a magical time, a special time, a time in your life where everything is new and exciting. A time that deserves to be captured.

Because if you didn't you may miss out on photos like these.

Tim is so attentive to Brandy. It was cold and a bit icy on our trip to Fernwood, but Tim was always there to hold her hand. To make sure she was safe. Tim and Brandy are affectionate in a way that makes me feel all is good in the world. It's not in a giddy, semi-newly wed couple kinda way. They are affectionate in a way that when he looks at her he's exactly where he is supposed to be, he's home. And when she looks at him she feels safe, secure, and adored. And when they stare at each other... they know there are other people around, but it doesn't matter.

The level of awesomeness they are gonna achieve as parents is off the charts. I mean, look at there lil boy Blazer already...

And if you've melted into a puddle on the floor from Blazer's cuteness, no need to pick yourself up, there's more...

Stayed tuned for my follow up session with Brandy and Tim in about 2 months.


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