Simply {Family} feels like I haven't blogged in forever!

Been pretty busy though and I 100% LOVE it! The weather has been pretty nice out and summer is just around the corner.
On an exceptionally nice day a few weeks ago I met up with the Crabtree family at one of my new favorite parks in South Bend.
I have known Renee (Mama Crabtree) for quite sometime now. She was the older, eclectic sister too one of my BFF's. I think she is the one who introduced me to Violent Femmes "Blister in the Sun" when I was about 13. Anywho...she's all grown up now with a beautiful family and runs a very successful business that she started all on her own. I contacted her back in January to see if she could help me put together a new website. See... when it comes to technical things like websites, if you don't show me something, there is no use in telling me because I won't understand. Don't "You gotta find html codes and blah, blah,blah" me. But with her help and the fabulous showit site peeps my new site is better than I could of imagined.

So we worked out a little deal....she helps me and I get to spend a beautiful afternoon following around her family and their bee-u-tee-ful puppy. Ummmm...I totally think I got the better end of the stick =)

So with out further ado......The Crabtree Family...

Check this next one out...can you see the little interaction between the little girl (Bailey) and their puppy (yes she's still a puppy).

Here is the newest Crabtree family member Lucy.

Now I have watched many episodes of "The Dog Whisper" so you would think I would have enough common sense to not baby talk to Lucy and get her all riled up, but..............I didn't. She's an Airedale and has the softess coat/hair/fur.

Now meet the cuteness that is Bailey and Tai.

Look at those eyes! Almost identical. This kinda captures their personalities quite good. Tai seems to be quite serious, the thinker. Bailey....she just wants to do her own thing (a girl after my own heart)

But one thing is certain, they sure do love each other.

We walked quite a bit and finally reached a park and let the kids play for a little bit.

Tai played restaurant. Towards the end, and after already ordering quite a bit of things he informed me I must order 9 more things so that he could reach his daily goal. So I did as I was told =)

And Bailey took off to the tube slide.

Then we tried to sneek a shot or two of just mom and dad

(( there is a whole lot of love between those two let me just say))

Then our session came close to an end. Like any 5 and 3 year old picture time can only go on for so long before we hit a wall and some meltdowns are close by. And that's the last thing I want.
So I took mom off for some headshots and meanwhile told Bailey to stay behind and try to lick her elbow.

((come on, you know it's funny))

Go check Renee out at

There are even more pictures from my session with the Crabtree family here.

Stay up is our GORGEOUS 2011 Senior Reps!!


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