The lil black book = the perfect gift!

There is a long silent pause. You stare at him with anticipation of a response..a smile?..a look?...SOMETHING!! He opens the book and at first glance when his eyes bulge out and a huge ear to ear grin appears you know you hit the hit the ball out of the will you ever be able to top this one? He is holding his own little black book with classy, seductive pictures of the love of his life. He probably thought you would never do this, but you did. And guaranteed the new found confidence that is shining through in those photos stays with you and he can DEFINITELY notice.

Boudoir is no longer a taboo word. Boudoir pictures are making a come back. Woman are tired of looking at magazines and always longing to feel sexy like that. Now we are making that happen, we are bringing the dream alive. Boudoir photos are meant to be taken to generally be given as a gift to your significant other but what you may not realize the gift that you are giving yourself. See yourself grow more confident, liberated, and sexy with each photo. And you just gave yourself the best gift you could of possibly given to yourself and you had it in you all along.

I am strongly considering doing a Boudoir Hotel Marathon in November. There will be 6 spots available. Each session will include:

* One hour of shoot time
* As many outfits as you can squeeze into that hour.
* An online password protected gallery to proof your photos.
* a 4x4 leather bound album with 10 pages (20 images total)
* A disc of 15 edited images
* an experience you will never forget.
* Only $150.00. First 3 people who book will receive 25.00 off

Please contact me at if you have any questions or to book an appointment.

Give him the gift this Christmas that he will NEVER forget!


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