Simply {2-Snap Tuesday}

So I'm a bad blogger. Totally didn't do last weeks 2-Snap Tuesday. But when you'll see this weeks, you'll kind of understand why.

A few weeks ago I ran the Valentine Boudoir Marathon. This marathon was geared specifically towards woman who were wanting to get their man a little something different this year. All the woman that signed up brought their "A" game. Every-single-woman rocked it. I was blown away by the images as well as a bunch of you. I have had many inquiries about the boudoir marathon, so many in fact that I have decided to do ANOTHER marathon this month ( 2-in one month-?FABULOUS). It's called the "Better late than never Valentine" Boudoir Marathon this February 21st. I have 4 spots still available (2 are already spoken for), so come on ladies-get him the gift he will love forever(just like you). I mean really, once he opens his gift, and sees how stunning, sexy, confident, and A-MAZE-ING you look, he won't mind that his Valentine's gift is just a tad bit late.

for more info, or to secure your spot.

But now back to my 2 snaps. As you can probably guess, my 2 snaps this week are going out to the Simply {Gorgeous} girls that partake in this past marathon.

I will leave you now with some of the stunning images.

And are you kidding me with this last one. This woman is 6+ months pregnant and I can't believe how incredibly sexy and stunning she is. She's got a whole lot more than just "the glow" going on.

I'll be updating the boudoir gallery shortly with more so make sure you check back :)


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