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Meet Mr. "C"

When his mama had contacted me about having a session with her two little boys, she forewarned me that Mr. "C" is not a sit and pose type of child. So how perfect is this because not only do I in no way expect a child of his age to actually sit and pose, but I am not that kind of photographer. So we both agreed I would just let Mr. "C" do what he does best, PLAY! And I will just follow him around for a little bit and capture some of those everyday moments that are already captured in every mommy's memory, but now it's down on a photo for everyone to see.

This pirate play set is his "most favoritessss toy" he informed me. So you know relaxing at home and playing with his favorite toy, some smiles are bound to pop up.

After all was cleaned up we headed outside for a bit. For a week of gloomy days it was a BRIGHT and sunny day out. Perfect day for laying in the cold snow, making snow angels, while the sun warmed your face (and makes you squint-but hey in this area of the US-we take the sun anyway we can get it)

And when I asked him to throw some snowballs-at me- he took that ample opportunity and ran with it!

But now it's back inside to turn our attention to his little brother Mr. "A"

Sweet goodness I can't take it! I have three kids myself but sweet lil babies get me everytime. Especially when they just start to reach toddlerhood, my favorite stage. I just have to keep telling myself "Kelly, 3 is enough, 3 is enough".

This lil man loves, and I mean LOVES his big brother. All Mr. "C " has to do is walk in the room and his eyes light up. When Mr. "C " gets in a silly mood-the smiles and full blown belly laughs just roll out of Mr. "A". All while I look back at their mama, and all you can see is happiness on her face, and that's all a mama wants for her and happiness.

My **FAVORITE** shot of Mr. "A "

And who can resist a nakey booty shot?

And this is more of an "out take" picture, but I just love that while we all know now that these boys are simply in love with each other, there is still that "sibling rivalry" and it's painted all over his expression. Being the oldest does have it's perks sometimes.

A big thank you to this wonderful family who let me into their home, let me capture the incredible cuteness that these boys exert, and to Mr. "C " for having me test out my vocal cords to hit those high notes on The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme song. I think I may have to work on that a bit though =)


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